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    Dan Albas

    MP for Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola &

    Shadow Minister for Small Business

    "In his previous job, Jeremy understood the importance of helping Members of Parliament respond to constituency concerns. Given this, I have no doubt that he will be a dedicated and attentive community representative. He has my support"

    Fahd Alhattab

    Chair, Board of Directors

    Youth Ottawa

    "I first got to know Jeremy with his work at the CTV Advisory Board, where he took on the initiative to mentor and bring together young leaders from all across Ottawa to share ideas and look at ways to build a better community. His community-minded efforts led him to join our board at Youth Ottawa, where he actively pursued new ways to improve the Ottawa community for young people. Jeremy's dedication, passion, and overall vision to make Ottawa a better place is evident in his everyday life"

    Carl Baltare

    Past President, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "I am pleased to endorse Jeremy Roberts. He will make a great candidate and MPP. As Past President of both Federal and Provincial Ottawa West - Nepean riding associations, as well as Treasurer and Provincial Campaign Manager, I know what it takes to win. Hard work, a real connection to our riding, local on-the-ground knowledge, and a fresh approach to campaigning. That is Jeremy Roberts. On March 7th, please show him your support."

    Renren Bai

    President, Capital VIP Reality Inc., Brokerage

    President of the New Immigrant Entrepreneurs Association

    Former Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Canada China News

    "From Jeremy’s family’s experience with his brother, he understands individuals with disabilities. Jeremy keeps working hard for them. Jeremy carries the Canadian traditional family values. He supports the seniors in Canada. Jeremy sees the true value of education for Canada’s young generation. He cares about reducing the criminal rate in our community. Jeremy is determined to help hard-working Ontariens control the hydro rates, and bring Ontario back to a balanced budget. All of the above is exactly what I, a new immigrant, cared, and work hard for. I’m glad to have Jeremy standing up for our community"

    Hon. John Baird

    Former MP for Ottawa West - Nepean &

    Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

    "I am pleased to support my friend Jeremy Roberts as the Ontario PC Party candidate in Ottawa West - Nepean! Jeremy is a hard worker and will get things done for the riding!"

    Nicolas Best

    Former Director, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "I'm happy to see Jeremy run for our party's nomination in Ottawa West - Nepean. I've known Jeremy since 2010 and am confident that he will bring competence, diligence, and efficacy to his role and will be a strong advocate for the responsible governance that Ontario has been sorely lacking. I'm thrilled to see someone as capable as him running under this party's banner"

    AJ Blauer

    Jeremy's Grade 10 Teacher

    Canterbury High School

    "​​Jeremy is a young man of excellent character and a big heart. He has been a long-time advocate for the disabled, and, in particular, people with autism. For the record, I have never voted PC in my life. But I believe there are still a few good people in politics and Jeremy would be one of them. We need people like Jeremy in public office - regardless of party affiliation."

    Lois Brown

    Former MP for Newmarket-Aurora

    “I have known Jeremy for over 6 years – first as a student in my office and then as a member of the Finance Minister’s staff. Throughout that time, I have learned that Jeremy is both hard-working and experienced. He is passionate about helping individuals with disabilities and has the skills necessary to deliver results for Ottawa West – Nepean. I am pleased to endorse his candidacy.”

    Georganne Burke

    Senior Vice President

    Pathway Group Inc.

    "Jeremy Roberts is a passionate conservative and a dedicated community builder. A long-time resident of Ottawa West - Nepean, he will be a formidable PC Candidate and an even better MPP. I'm looking forward to seeing Jeremy at Queen's Park!"

    Jason Collard

    Executive Director

    Youth Ottawa

    "As Treasurer on the Youth Ottawa Board of Directors, Jeremy was a strong contributor to the organization's mission of empowering youth in our city. He is hard working, has keen strategic vision, and is committed to making our community a better place. Jeremy is someone who can be counted on to make the organizations and people he works with better for it"

    Allan Cutler

    Former Director, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "I have known and been impressed by Jeremy for a number of years. He has both integrity and compassion. He understands that families need a helping hand but not a hand-out. In short, I highly recommend and support Jeremy"

    Tyler Evely

    Director, CPC Electoral District Association


    "​​Jeremy's unbelievable work ethic, devotion, and passion are going to take him above and beyond in his political career. Jeremy is the only politician I’ve met in my lifetime that I have been able to give my unwavering support and loyalty without question. He has proven time and time again his ability to mobilize support from the community, a community to which he is truly devoted to helping. I can say without a doubt Jeremy has the dedication, passion, and experience to represent the people of Ottawa West - Nepean in Queen's Park, and I know he will be one of Canada’s great future leaders."

    Mathieu Fleury

    City Councilor

    Rideau-Vanier Ward

    “I have known Jeremy through his work with Max Keeping’s CTV Youth Advisory Board and Youth Ottawa. He is a hard-worker with a passion for our community. Jeremy plays the role of mentor for many youth across Ottawa.”

    The late Royal Galipeau

    Former MP for Ottawa-Orléans

    "When I was first elected to Parliament, I adopted autism as a personal focus. This is where I joined Jeremy, whom I had known since he was ten years old. His firm commitment has always inspired me. So, I have supported his work there and, for 15 years, also his powerful participation with CHEO and the late Max Keeping’s Youth Ottawa. His work in government was always managed with discipline and aplomb. Jeremy is passionate about building a better community and has the depth and experience to be a vigorous Member of Provincial Parliament with Ontario’s new PC government. I am honoured to support him"

    David Gibbons

    Past President, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa - South

    "Jeremy Roberts is the future of our party. He is bright, articulate, intelligent, and has worked for our parties and his local association for a decade. This experience, in addition to his local roots, will ensure that he turns Ottawa West - Nepean Conservative-Blue in the next Provincial Election."

    Phil Gillies

    Former Minister of Skills Development

    Government of Ontario

    "I am pleased to endorse Jeremy as he seeks the PC nomination in Ottawa West - Nepean. Being born and raised here, he understands firsthand the power of community, and how now more than ever before, Queen’s Park needs thoughtful representatives who are ready to best serve their constituents. His manifest integrity, quick wit, fierce intellect and unwavering ability, make him more than ready to serve the people of Ottawa West Nepean."

    Nadene Grattan

    Former Director, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "My experience with Jeremy shows him to be bright, incredibly enthusiastic, and an extremely hard worker, as well as having very solid conservative attitudes. In my opinion, he would make a fine candidate for Ottawa West Nepean"

    Saxon Harding

    Former Director, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "Jeremy Roberts is a passionate conservative and a dedicated community builder. He will be a champion for the people of Ottawa West - Nepean and will work hard to bring new members into our PC Party tent. I am pleased to provide him with my support"

    Jackie Holzman

    Former Mayor of Ottawa

    “I’m pleased to endorse Jeremy Roberts as the Progressive Conservative candidate in our riding. His abundance of energy, knowledge of how government works from the inside, and most importantly, his caring nature, will be a powerful force at Queen’s Park."

    Marlene Labelle

    Director, CPC Electoral District Association


    "I have known Jeremy for a number of years through conservative politics here in Ottawa. Jeremy is a dedicated conservative, a hard-worker, and a kind person. When I am endorsing a candidate, I look for someone who will fight hard on behalf of his constituents. I know that Jeremy will do just that. For these reasons, I am happy to give him my support."

    Todd Lavigne

    Former Nomination Candidate in Ottawa West - Nepean

    Everest Summiter

    "Jeremy has proven that he can mobilize a team of supporters, run a campaign, and be a formidable opponent in an election. He has my support and endorsement for the Ottawa West - Nepean provincial PC Party nomination"

    Hon. Marjory Lebreton

    Former Senator for Nepean (Ontario)

    “I have been involved in conservative politics for many years. I am pleased to see Jeremy stepping up and running to help carry our party forward with integrity and enthusiasm. Jeremy is part of the future of our conservative movement and I am pleased to give him my support"

    Dr. Ian Lee

    Associate Professor

    Carleton University

    "I have known Jeremy since he was a student at Carleton University. In that time, I have watched him grow and develop intellectually and as a political policy advisor to the late Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty. And I strongly endorsed his decision to apply to and attend Oxford University for graduate studies notwithstanding the enormous burden for a person of modest means. I am most impressed by Jeremy's intelligence, character, and integrity. It is very clear that Jeremy has a very bright future before him."

    Jon MacDougall

    Former Director, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "Authenticity and integrity, those are the words that I would use to describe Jeremy Roberts, our next PC nominee and MPP for Ottawa-West Nepean. Jeremy is a consummate and passionate leader. He understands the complex challenges our community face, and is able to present them in a simple, engaging, out of the box manner, that connects with everyday voters. As a leader, Jeremy is a statesman: a thorough professional, an excellent listener, and can be relied upon to lead others diligently and by example. He is a one of a kind politician who is innovative, focused, results-oriented, capable, and able to demonstrate grit, and grace under pressure. Simply put, Jeremy is ready to run into brick walls head first for the people of Ottawa West Nepean. For these reasons, I am proud to give him my endorsement."

    Liz MacKinnon

    Past President, PC Riding Association


    "As a long-time conservative activist in Ottawa, I am pleased to see Jeremy Roberts running for the PC Nomination in Ottawa West - Nepean. We need strong, local candidates like Jeremy to carry our party's banner. Jeremy is a hard-worker and a passionate conservative who will be a strong voice for his constituents at Queen's Park."

    Larry O'Brien

    Former Mayor of Ottawa

    "Jeremy was hired to join my team at City Hall when he was still in high school because even then we recognized his strong work ethic and commitment to community service. Since then, I have known him through his various volunteer initiatives. He cares deeply about Ottawa, is honest, thoughtful, and has a clear vision for how to improve his community. He will make a strong Member of Provincial Parliament"

    Hon. Joe Oliver

    Former Minister of Finance

    "Jeremy was an important member of my ministerial team in Ottawa. I know him to be an energetic worker and a dedicated Conservative with a passion of helping people. He has the experience to deliver results for the people of Ottawa West - Nepean"

    Brandon Purcell

    Vice President, CPC Electoral District Association


    "Jeremy has impressed many with the work ethic and dedication he has brought to this nomination race, myself included. Young candidates often surprise us the most and Jeremy has surpassed all expectations in this race. He is above all else a principled and kind man who only wants to make life better for the people in his community. What more could one ask for in a person? Jeremy is the kind of candidate that the PC Party needs to win back the legislature in this coming election and I am happy to support him."

    Michael Rennick

    Past President, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "As a long-time conservative activist and Past President of the Ottawa West - Nepean PC Board of Directors, I have known Jeremy Roberts for over eight years. I know Jeremy to be someone with strong conservative convictions, who works hard, and who has the experience necessary to be a fine Member of Provincial Parliament. I support his candidacy"

    Brenda Reisch

    Executive Director

    Children at Risk

    "Through his experience with his younger brother Dillon, Jeremy understands the challenges facing families with children with autism. Taking from the example of his parents, Alan & Janine, he also has been a strong advocate for the ASD community both here in Ottawa and through his work with the federal government. If he is elected, I have no doubt that Jeremy will continue to champion this important cause"

    Rhys Sandner

    Former Director, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "I know Jeremy's hard work ethic and devotion to his community. I believe he is the best person to run in Ottawa West-Nepean, not just because he'll win, but because he'll serve our community well"

    Hon. Kevin Sorenson

    MP for Battle River - Crowfoot

    Former Minister of State (Finance)

    "Jeremy worked closely with me during my tenure as Minister of State (Finance). He is a conscientious and hard-working individual who is dedicated to completing his tasks. I am pleased to recommend Jeremy for the endeavours he chooses to pursue. I trust his judgement and would expect that going forward, he will be successful and garner cooperation and satisfaction from professional relationships he will have"


    Heather Tessier

    Director, PC Riding Association


    "I have known Jeremy and the Roberts family for many years. Jeremy has been involved in the conservative movement in Ottawa West – Nepean from a very young age, fighting for a more fiscally responsible and socially compassionate government in Ontario. He brings tremendous experience both from his years of working as an advisor to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty as well as through his community work with the late Max Keeping. In 2018, we need a strong candidate with local roots to take on and beat the Liberals. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Jeremy as our PC Candidate."

    Barry Turner

    Former MP for Ottawa - Carleton

    Former Chair of the Board, CHEO Foundation

    "I have known Jeremy both through conservative politics and through his work with CHEO. Jeremy is passionate about helping our local children's hospital. He's volunteered at their annual telethon for over 15 years and raised money for them at an annual birthday fundraiser. As the next PC MPP for Ottawa West - Nepean, I know that he will continue to champion CHEO and work to build a stronger Ottawa community"

    Dr. Ngaire Woods

    Dean, Blavatnik School of Government

    University of Oxford

    "Jeremy has been a terrific leader in the global community at the Blavatnik School of Government"

    David Young

    Former Director, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "I have known Jeremy since he and I volunteered together during the 2011 Ontario General Election in Ottawa West - Nepean. He is an honest, genuine, and kind person who has continuously worked hard for the party in this riding. It is only fair that you and I support and continuously work hard for Jeremy to get him elected to become our riding's next MPP."

    Val Zanin

    Past President, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "I have known Jeremy for many years through his work with the Ottawa West - Nepean PC Riding Association. Jeremy is a dedicated conservative and a hard-workers. He was an asset on our last campaign to elect Randall Denley and I have no doubt that he will bring the same passion and hard-work ethic to winning the next provincial election in 2018 and turning our riding Tory-blue."

    Khaled Zeidan

    Former Director, PC Riding Association

    Ottawa West - Nepean

    "When Jeremy approached me to discuss the issues that our community face, I could tell that he had a high sense of responsibility, passion, and dedication to serve his community of Ottawa West - Nepean and the province of Ontario. When you talk to Jeremy, you see how close he is to the youth and that's something great to have in your candidate. Jeremy possesses the progressive soul and the open mind that we look up to and that's why he has my endorsement. I can see it very clearly that he is going to be the best candidate to serve my riding"