• Why Am I Running?

    The issues that are important to Ottawa West - Nepean

    Balancing the Budget

    For a more fiscally responsible Ontario

    Ontario's history of reckless spending needs to stop. We need to get our budget balanced and our debt under control so that we can provide much needed supports for seniors and those who are struggling.

    Supporting Seniors

    For more caring communities

    Nepean has one of the most vibrant seniors populations in Canada. We need to ensure that our provincial government is providing the right support to meet their needs, including through good healthcare, strong long-term care, and financial security.

    Ottawa's Infrastructure Needs

    For our City's long-term growth

    Ottawa is growing. With the Confederation Line set to come online in 2018, we need to make sure that the next government in Ontario recognizes the needs of Ottawa.

    Helping Individuals with Disabilities

    For a more compassionate Ontario

    I know that from my family's experience with my brother that across the province there are thousands of individuals with disabilities who are in desperate need of additional support from the government. We need to work together to build a more compassionate Ontario.

    Cutting Hydro Rates

    For hard-working Ontarians

    Hard-working people across Ontario are hurting as the government takes more of their pay checks through increased hydro rates. By getting rates under control, we can put more money back in the pockets of Ontarians.

    Fostering Job Creation

    For the long-term success of Ontario

    A growing economy that benefits seniors requires a vibrant and educated workforce. Ontario used to be a 'have' province. We can be one again. We need job-friendly policies that will help our technology and manufacturing industries rebound and provide new opportunities.